PR 1.1.4 Update and Changelog

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PR 1.1.4 Update and Changelog

Post by Delta on Sat 15 Mar - 15:51:42

PR:BF2 v1.1.4.0 (2014/03/15)

Added Syrian Rebels faction.
Added Sbeneh Outskirts (2km) - Syrian Rebels vs MEC - AAS, Insurgency, Skirmish, COOP.
Fixed one-shot bug.

Added deployable 5m sandbag wall.
Fixed Iraqi Insurgent mortars.
Fixed supply crates. They now only resupply the crate's designated faction.
Fixed CSBs to be destroyable by IEDs.
Fixed Cargo Ship, choppers aren't sliding that much on it anymore.
Increased ROE time to 2 minutes instead of 1 after helping the insurgents.
Increased player climbing ability slightly.
Added Syrian Rebels faction.
Replaced the collaborator class with a light combat medic. To compliment this, the Iraqi insurgent unarmed class has been given binoculars and a radio - allowing them to provide intel.
Fixed the French Forces not having deployable HMG's.

Updated smoke trails.
Updated bomb, artillery and other explosion effects.
Updated various other effects with visual tweaks and performance improvements

Added new US Grunt voices.
Updated sounds on G3, KORD/DSHK, M4, M16, M79, M240, M1014, MG4, Negev, PZF3, TAR21.
Updated sounds on Kiowa, Mi-8, Mi-17, UH-60, M1A2.
Fixed various sound distance issues.

Added truck with mounted ZU-23-2 AA cannon.
Added Su-25a.
Updated F-15E. Reduced rudder rate. Fixed flare counter. Updated bomb layout.
Updated laser physics on helicopters.
Updated pitch rate on F-16, MiG-29 & Su-22.
Updated Eurofighter engine behavior.
Updated US UH1N to have a different flare launcher, to see if this fixes the flare bug on a public server.
Fixed Mk 19 Stryker.
Decreased Scimitar and Scorpion armor strength.
Decreased recoil force on Tunguska & Type 95.

Added stationary ZU-23-2 AA cannon.
Added new Paveway Laser Guided Bombs.
Updated simrad GTLD lasing system to be more effective.
Updated damage levels of LGBs and GPBs.
Updated contact damage of bombs to do significant damage on direct hits.
Updated Hi-Power Pistol.
Updated Eryx AT to fit real life velocities and maximum range.
Fixed one-shot bug.
Fixed MG3 Elcan maglinking issue.
Fixed high damage of 20mm AA shells to tank side armor.
Increased artillery damage to tanks.
Increased C4 damage to air assets.
Increased damage of Mortar IED to soft targets.
Increased damage of 20mm AA shells against soft targets.
Increased ZPU-4 deviation and overheating.
Decreased ammo bag capacity to previous level.
Decreased SMAW deploy time by 20%.

Fixed several houses that had weird collision meshes, which allowed player to shoot through balconies, etc.

Added !scramble to RealityAdmin, which shuffles the teams. This must be run before the round starts.

Updated AI weapons handling.
Updated Iraqi Insurgents kits.

Added Sbeneh Outskirts

Updated Beirut
Updated COOP layers and navmeshes.
Updated Bijar Canyons
Added new COOP navmesh and layer.
Fixed a bad flag route.
AAS Alt/Std: Increased tickets by 50.
Updated Burning Sands
Fixed Stormer and Gopher spawn times.
Updated Fallujah West
Added more technicals to Iraqi Insurgents on multiple layers.
Updated Fools Road
AAS Inf: Added Militia SPG Technical
AAS Alt/Lrg: Removed Challenger and replaced one BDRM with BMP-1 to balance assets, and added 50 tickets for both teams.
Updated Iron Ridge
Fixed machine gun emplacements at Communications flag so players can now exit them.
AAS Inf: Removed RUS MT-LB and added Militia SPG technical for balance.
AAS Std: Removed RUS BTR-80 and added Militia BMP-1 for balance.
AAS Lrg: Increased spawn delay on RUS BTR-80A and added one Militia BMP-1 for balance.
Updated Khamisiyah
Added more ladders and rooftop walls to city.
AAS Alt: Replaced Su-22 with Su-25.
AAS Std: Removed one tank on each team & MEC UAZ jeep on bunker flag.
AAS Lrg: Added Su-25 & removed MEC UAZ jeep from bunker flag.
INS Alt: Removed MEC artillery, replaced BMP-2 with BMP-1, increased APC respawn times & removed one transport helicopter.
INS Std: Removed MEC artillery, replaced BMP-2 with BMP-1, replaced T-72's with T-62's, increased tank & APC's respawn times & removed one transport helicopter.
Updated Korengal Valley
Added COOP.
Removed UAV.
Updated Operation Archer
Added more armed vehicles to Taliban on multiple layers.
Updated Operation Barracuda
Updated COOP layers and navmeshes.
Updated Pavlovsk Bay
Fixed flag bleed issues on multiple layers.
Updated Qwai
Added delayed spawn to TOW humvee & Chinese IFV.
Added 3 non-respawning transport trucks to Chinese main base.
Changed one Chinese IFV to VN3.
Updated Saaremaa
Added COOP layers.
Fixed invisible player bug (hopefully).
Fixed artillery bug.
Updated Vadso City
Updated COOP layers and navmeshes.
Updated Wanda Shan
Updated COOP layers and navmeshes.


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Re: PR 1.1.4 Update and Changelog

Post by Viglen on Mon 17 Mar - 14:07:31

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Re: PR 1.1.4 Update and Changelog

Post by Lovvi on Mon 17 Mar - 14:13:38

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Re: PR 1.1.4 Update and Changelog

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