Application of ArrowtotheKnee

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Application of ArrowtotheKnee

Post by Arrowintheknee on Thu 8 Oct - 0:00:24

In-Game Name:ArrowToTheKnee
Primary Games Played:PR, League of Legends, Battlefield 4, The Witcher 3

Real Name: (First will suffice):Steffen
Country: Norway
Reason for applying:Nice bunch to play with, and i commonly play on the server
When You Can Play:Usually for a few hours every day, but not always depending if i'm on work/training


Registration date : 2015-09-24

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Re: Application of ArrowtotheKnee

Post by Vincent on Thu 8 Oct - 0:08:40

Hello, ArrowtotheKnee
Thank you for applying to join *NwA*. Your application is being processed, the details of which will be updated below. 
In the meantime, please use your trial clan tags (*nwa*) when on TS and in-game. 
Squad up with members so we can get to know you.  

Trial start date: 08/OCT/2015

Good luck in your trial!


*NwA* Administrator
*NwA* Administrator

Registration date : 2010-10-30

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