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PR Changelog

Post by MasterG on Sun 25 May - 20:15:12

You need to copy some files after updating or do a new account but it is all explained when the files are ready to be installed.


  • Added support for PRMasterServer, which replaces GameSpy.
  • Added Dutch Forces including new weapons and vehicles.
  • Added 3 new maps (Arctic Lion, Hades Peak, Shikotan Island).
  • Added Illumination Flares on selected night maps.


  • Added support for PRMasterServer, which replaces GameSpy.


  • Fixed the gunner's view being blocked by smoke when firing 14.5mm rounds.
  • Fixed Harrier's armor effects.


  • Added Dutch Forces faction.
  • Added 'Anti Human Shield' function, collaborators get punished if they die within 10m of armed insurgents.  <<<<< About f*****g time!! :DShould be longer proximity range me thinks.

  • Fixed all deployable ATGM launchers to have zoom again.
  • Fixed a crash when the client switched from winter maps to other maps.
  • Fixed repair drop sliding.
  • Fixed BluFor soldiers getting punished when an bleeding insurgent drops his kit.
  • Fixed kit reservation system allowing you to have 2 medics in your squad without deselecting the class.
  • Updated Area Attack to cover a greater area, rounds come in more scattered.
  • Updated ammo boxes to be easier to destroy.
  • Updated snow surface, increased grip slightly as vehicles were sliding down snowy hills too much.
  • Updated squad size requirements for special kits - you need a minimum of:

    • 6 squad members to request a Marksman, Grenadier or MG kit.
    • 3 squad members to request a AA, HAT, Spotter, Sniper, Engineer kit.


  • Added ammo indicator to show the approximate amount of bullets left in the magazine.
  • Fixed issue with CROW HUD showing while using the M79 in a vehicle.
  • Removed contact report from SL comorose.
  • Updated Avenger crosshair.
  • Updated laser duration timer to show only when looking at your lase.
  • Updated selection icons for supply crates, repair stations and CSBs.


  • Added night kit layouts for the DAF, GER, Militia, PLA, and Russian Army factions.
  • Added scopes to breacher kits of conventional forces.
  • Fixed some bayonets not being the correct ones.
  • Updated Insurgent Combat Engineer kit (mapper placed) to have Arty IED.


  • Fixed artillery to play distant explosion sounds correctly.
  • Increased volume of mortar distant explosions.
  • Updated sprinting footstep sounds on dirt.
  • Updated fire sounds of various weapons.


  • Added AH-64D Apache (NL).
  • Added Boxer PWV (NL).
  • Added Fennek SWP (NL).
  • Added Fennek VWWRN (NL).
  • Added F-35A (CAP and CAS) (NL).
  • Added Dutch version of the Landrover.
  • Added Dutch version of Leopard 2A6.
  • Added Dutch versions of the F-16 (CAP and CAS).
  • Added Dutch version of the Gwagon.
  • Added Dutch version of the M113 (YPR).
  • Added Dutch version of the MAN logistics and transport truck.
  • Added Dutch version of the NH-90.
  • Added MEC MiG-29 variant for Bijar Canyons with updated landing gear for softer landings.
  • Added ZSU-23-4 Shilka SPAA
  • Fixed BTR-60 and 80 camera bouncing.
  • Fixed Eurofighter rear camera and added new CAP version
  • Fixed flare bug on choppers (hopefully).
  • Fixed Harrier's POVs.
  • Fixed Harrier Seat Animations to use a more realistic one.
  • Fixed MEC Transport Gazelle with better seat animations.
  • Fixed NH90 warm-up issue after leaving the helicopter.
  • Fixed the A-1H Skyraider's POVs and cannon settings.
  • Fixed the A-4 Skyhawk's POVs and cannon settings.
  • Fixed the A-4 Skyhawk's Wheel Grip settings so it won't roll about without a player inside.
  • Fixed the bot's 'helicopter dance' in COOP mode.
  • Fixed the FV101 Scorpion's rate of fire.
  • Fixed Ural-4320 'Ghost Driving'.
  • Fixed VN3 'Ghost Driving'.
  • Fixed Warrior and Challenger bouncing while tracked.
  • Updated AMX-10RC to be amphibious.
  • Updated coaxial MGs to be more accurate.
  • Updated ground supply vehicles to not have crates selected by default.
  • Updated Mi-8/17 textures (MEC/PLA).
  • Updated Mi-24 Hind textures (MEC/RU).
  • Updated Mig-29 textures (RU).
  • Updated Havoc textures (RU).
  • Updated Su-25a Cockpit textures.
  • Updated Transport Trucks to carry 2 ammo boxes and 1 light supply crate.
  • Updated VBCI water damage threshold.


  • Added Diemaco C7A1 (NL).
  • Added Diemaco C8A1 (NL).
  • Added Diemaco C8A1GD (NL).
  • Added Heckler & Koch HK-416 (NL).
  • Added blur shader to stinger sights.
  • Fixed coaxial MG tracers to have same bullet drop as non tracers.
  • Fixed deployed AR-10T ELCAN prone animations.
  • Fixed ERYX missing proning sounds.
  • Fixed insurgent SA-7 not dropping the empty tube.
  • Fixed Milan glowing too much in thermals.
  • Updated all deployable AT with a fixed 5x magnification.
  • Updated (OpFor) Engineers to allow repairing of damaged caches.
  • Updated deployed DMR deviation to be less punishing while firing.
  • Updated M72 textures.
  • Updated pistols to have less horizontal recoil.
  • Updated tank shells, increased damage to Mi-24 Armor.
  • Updated ZPU-4 to shoot from its barrels and increased the projectile velocity.
  • Updated ZU-23-2's projectile damage to be more realistic.


  • Added Arctic Lion

  • Added Hades Peak

  • Added Shikotan Island

  • Updated Black Gold:

    • Added flare-equipped grenadier to Insurgency STD layer.

  • Updated Burning Sands:

    • Added Insurgency ALT layer.
    • Fixed Skirmish layer not having ticket-bleed when outcapped.

  • Updated Dovre:

    • Added flare-equipped grenadier to the AAS ALT layer.
    • Fixed missing loading music.

  • Updated Dovre Winter:

    • Fixed snow-thermal interaction.
    • Updated AAS infantry layer to be same as standard without armor.

  • Updated Jabal:

    • Exchanged unarmed hueys with M240d versions.

  • Updated Korengal Valley:

    • Added MH-6 to insurgency infantry layer.
    • Added insurgency alternative layer with UH-60.

  • Updated Pavlovsk Bay:

    • Removed ticket-bleed against USMC.
    • Reduced USMC tickets by 75.

  • Updated Sbeneh Outskirts:

    • Added Insurgency AAS LRG layer.
    • Fixed a few cache positions.
    • Updated MEC main base with more static defenses.

  • Updated Xiangshan:

    • Updated the view distance to be lower.

Good hunting Gents, see you on the battlefield. G.

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Re: PR Changelog

Post by fillsson on Mon 26 May - 1:27:53


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