[DAYZ EPOCH] Reporting player [GG]Phil

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[DAYZ EPOCH] Reporting player [GG]Phil

Post by flouw1234 on Sat 28 Sep - 18:52:16

Dear NwA-Team,

after starting on your server last night, we've created our own base (i think it was like mh.. 8 hours or more).
[GG]Phil and his clan mates camed to our base, destroyed all our vehicles and our whole base exepct the safe we have there.. 

So please ban these base-destroyer-idiots, i think they don't get the real sense of dayz epoch .. 

Thanks for your time, all the best to you and your clan.

sLay , Michael and HolyMoly

IP of server is: - happened near Lopatino


Registration date : 2013-09-28

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