Banned for TKing during SQ bug. Can I get unbanned?

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Banned for TKing during SQ bug. Can I get unbanned?

Post by JakobRees on Fri 27 Sep - 21:48:01

Hey guys! I wasn't really sure where to post this but this forum seemed to be the general one. So the squad bug appeared a couple of moments ago and since the game wouldn't become anything until a restart I just started tking some ppl on the carrier. I didn't think at all about getting automatically banned. Is it possible to get an unban? NWA have become my new server to play on and I'm all in PR for the teamwork, I just had a laugh since the round was wasted anyways, would suck to not be able to play with you anymore.

My in-game name is JakobRees, but do you need an IP as well?


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Re: Banned for TKing during SQ bug. Can I get unbanned?

Post by Crenshaw on Fri 27 Sep - 22:42:06

If it was an auto-ban you'll most likely be unbanned in a few hours.  Speaking of that, you, under no circumstances are you to teamkill, even during a squad bug.  You say our server has become your new server to play on, then you blatantly break the rules?  Come now, have a better show of character than that.  Yeah, yeah, I get it, I was having fun and all that good jazz.  Future reference however, try to do it in more constructive ways.  I honestly don't know how ruining the game for other people is fun, but that's just me.

IF however it was NOT an auto-ban, you'll have to wait until the banning admin says his piece.

EDIT:  If it was indeed an auto-ban, take that as a warning and just don't do it again.  A lot of people don't get that lucky when it comes to intentional teamkilling.

When the ban is lifted, please rejoin and of course, enjoy the game!



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