*NwA* Project Reality Server Rules

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*NwA* Project Reality Server Rules

Post by *NwA* Management on Sun 14 Jun - 13:40:01


  • All ingame admins will wear a *NwA* clan tag. If someone claims to be a admin but is not wearing *NwA* tags make sure you report him. 
  • If you see a another player breaking the server rules report him with: !r [PLAYERNAME] [REASON]
  • Admins are players too, please allow time for your report/issue to be dealt with.
  • Follow up on your reports, has the admin warned a person that you reported? Let the admin know if he's continuing or if he's stopped doing it. 


  • All players are expected to communicate and play PR in an organized manner. Any player or squad found not completing the tasks benefiting the team, or similar do not attempt to assist the team will be warned and kicked.
  • We require teamwork & maturity at all times on our server
  • Team-stacking that is deemed detrimental to the server flow of game play will be corrected by Admins.
  • All *NwA* members, admins, senior admins and founders of *NwA* must follow server rules and can suffer from the same punishments as other non-member players.


  • Insulting is not allowed. Insulting anyone in any manner, is not allowed. We expect you to act in a mature and respectful manner at all times.
  • Racism is not allowed and will result in a ban.
  • If a player gives information on players locations, ticket count or number of assets deployed to the enemy. He will be removed from the server.
  • Do not sabotage your team - directly or indirectly.
  • Refrain from debating admin decisions in-game. If you disagree with an admin's decision, please join us on our Teamspeak or forums to solve the issue.
  • Do not advertise or recruit for other communities or clans.


  • All players must have a working mumble. All players must have a working microphone.
  • Do not spam mumble/Q Radio.
  • Spamming all chat is forbidden. Using it for quick talks between the teams is allowed. Just don't overdo it.
  • English is the server language, you are allowed to speak your own language in your squad if all members speak the same language.


  • No squad before 2:00, this is to give everyone a equal chance to properly load in and claim a asset. 
  • No locked infantry squads below 6 players.
  • All players have to be in a squad.
  • Do not join a squad to take a kit, ask the squad leader before taking a kit. You will be removed for stealing a kit from a squad.
  • Follow orders. Grunts, must follow squad leader orders. Squad Leaders must follow Commanders orders. As long as it is a reasonable order you will need to follow it.
  • Freekit squads are not allowed, all squads and squad members must work together as a team.
  • Mortar/Recon/Sniper/Trans squads may only contain the max amount of members needed to support its role, squad members freeroaming will be removed.


  • No heavy assets before 15v15 active player population, this includes Tanks, APC's, SPG's, Rocket Technicals, Destroying FOBs, Destroying Caches, Bomb Cars, Mortars and CAS
  • At the start of a round the waiting time starts when the squad is created, so the first squad to be created gets the asset(s).
  • If an asset has not been claimed yet another squad is able to take it, once a squad is created to claim said asset you will need to return it.
  • Light Scout vehicles and AA vehicles are not claimable and come on a first come, first serve basis.
  • All vehicles must be manned by competent personnel.
  • Vehicle stealing from other squads is not allowed, if you wish to take a vehicle ask the squad that used it first.
  • Vehicles need to be manned by the minimum personnel to be operating properly. This means both a driver and gunner in armed vehicles.
  • Technicals cannot be claimed by any squad, the first player to enter the vehicle has can take it. If someone else then takes it without the first player's explicit permission, that player is stealing the vehicle. This does not apply to SPGs or Rocket Technicals.
  • Logistics trucks can only be claimed by mortar squad (MAX 1).
  • No duplicate asset squads allowed unless approved by original created squad.


  • TANK: All Tanks & Anti-Tank vehicles
  • APC: All Armored Personnel Carriers (APC), Light Assault Vehicles (LAV), Assault Amphibious Vehicle Personnel (AAVP) and Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
  • CAS: Close Air Support, Helicopters & Jets.
  • TRANS: Transportation Helicopters/Planes.
  • SPG: SPG's and Rocket Technicals
  • MORTARS: Mortars may claim 1 Logistics truck for supply use.


  • Max 1 Mech INF squad allowed.
  • Mech INF may claim an APC once it has 6 members.
  • Mech INF is subject to the normal asset claim order. If APC is created first, APC claims what APC/IFV they want, but they must reserve one APC/IFV for Mech INF.
  • If Mech INF is created first, they choose what APC/IFV they want to use.
  • Mech INF can only claim ONE primary APC/IFV and its possible respawns. If the primary APC/IFV is killed, Mech INF can request to borrow a second one from APC squad (if available), or they must wait for their original APC/IFV to respawn.


  • Suicide tactics are forbidden except for suicide vehicles.
  • You are not allowed to drive people intentionally over with vehicles. This means turning around or circling just to kill. A player who does so will be warned and if he repeats it will be removed from the server.
  • Do not rush the enemy's first grey / uncapped flag at the start of a map, you may only approach it if the AAS marker says so. If you can spawn on/near a grey flag then that is allowed. Clearing out flags and then moving on is fine once all flags are capped at round start, but prolonged "camping" is not acceptable.
  • C4 is allowed to be placed anywhere but may not be dropped from moving vehicles.
  • Attacking the last flag on Skirmish layers is not allowed.
  • Road Killing is allowed if enemy are in the path you are driving, it is not allowed to change direction just to get a roadkill.


  • Cheating and glitching is strictly forbidden. If you are found doing it you will be banned.
  • Any person suspected of cheating may be removed and further investigated.


  • Base raping is strictly forbidden. Main-bases and repair stations cannot be attacked. This includes camping DoD and the choke points leading out of it. The only exception to this rule is when and only as long as such a base is an active flag in the AAS game mode.
  • It is forbidden to engage enemy air assets which are taking off from a main base.
  • All players are expected to leave their main-base as quickly as is reasonable. Any disruptive behavior (shooting, throwing smoke grenades, etc.) in main will result in the player's removal from the server.
  • Nothing can be built inside your teams Dome of Death.
  • You are not allowed to engage enemy when you are inside the Dome of Death



  • BLUFOR is allowed to camp their main base, OPFOR is allowed to fire back with anything but Mortars/Area Attack/IED's. You may not damage/destroy vehicles in BLUFOR main base that are not being used.


  • Do not attack the docks repair station area unless docks is in the hands of the MEC.
  • Do not enter into fort as infantry unless the attack flag is on it. 
  • Do not shoot into fort except to return fire.
  • Do not build mortars in the docks repair station.
  • If mortars are built in fortress USMC is allowed to eliminate the threat if fired upon by means of CAS Huey, COBRA or mortars under no circumstances is any USMC infantry allowed to enter or be near fortress until AAS marker indicates to do so.

Please exercise teamwork and maturity at all times on our server. We believe in a fair play for all, and do our best to keep the server clean of griefers.

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Re: *NwA* Project Reality Server Rules

Post by Vincent on Sun 4 Oct - 9:46:39

Our Project Reality rules have been updated, please take the time to read them.

If you have any questions feel free to PM me.


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