Please Unban Me On Your PR Server

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Please Unban Me On Your PR Server

Post by HighHopesRC on Sat 18 Feb - 22:05:16

My in-game alias is HighHopesRc. I think I have already explained this on your forum not too long ago. A friend of mine was on my name months ago. He must have did some team killing or something, because I have been banned for months, I thought normally bans are lifted every so often, but here, not the case. I would love it if you could unban me from your server, because as we all know there are not a lot of Project Reality Servers, hundreds of people perhaps thousands could be playing Project Reality, keeping it going strong for months or even years to come, but sadly they are banned from a majority of PR servers, preventing them from playing, which in turn will be the fall of Project Reality. Please unban me.


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Re: Please Unban Me On Your PR Server

Post by Nixy23 on Sat 18 Feb - 22:22:09

Hello HighHopes,

could you please make a post in the ban appeal section of our forums? The template for an appeal can be found here.


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