Please Unban Me Not My Fault

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Please Unban Me Not My Fault

Post by HighHopesRC on Wed 15 Feb - 21:29:12

My ingame alias is HighHopesRC and I have been banned from your Project Reality Server, but I tell you now, it was not my fault, I made the mistake of signing on to my BF2 account on a friends computer, as a result he Team Killed apparently multiple people and I received a ban on my name, not only from you server but 90% of Project Realities Servers, this was months ago, I never thought of going to the Clans website to request an unban. But I am now, and I would really appreciate it if you would kindly unban me, I do not disrupt the game. I am a solid player and specially kind to other players. And I noticed you have a forum for PR screenshots, I would love to post some of the screenshots that I have taken so much time to edit.


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Re: Please Unban Me Not My Fault

Post by ExeTick on Wed 15 Feb - 21:36:19

please post a ban appeal in the ban appeal section and use our template aswell.

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