Good fun today 17/08/2011

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Good fun today 17/08/2011

Post by Bullet2Hart on Wed 17 Aug - 2:06:05

Had 2 very fun matches during the course of today.

The first one was that bad canada map thingy with the big fortress in the hill desert type map.
started off the game harrassing an opposing teams squad by bombcaring them twice,with-in 3 minutes.
Then i got bored and decided to help some guys take over the fortress, they were found cowering beind some puny wall and one of them just died, they notice me and say"oh wow whats this bullet guy want" it soon turned into "What the hell? lol! hes running straight in there what a dumb ass" soon followed by my 2 thrown nades taking out the last guy defending the fortress and them saying "holy **** he just raped that guy" then we just had jokes for the remainder of the map Razz pushing people out of windows, picking up primed granade kits, the usual "We're not being helpful we just love this fortress :D" attitude.

Then the second was Kabarla around 9pm, I turned my serious face on and squadleader'd up, creating inf mumble squad, all of which were pubs.
We set up a fob at the beginning and then set out to attack the cache which took 3 kamakazy runs to finally destroy it, but that's the part were we met our "joined brother" aka the apc dudes, we returned to base to grab some supplies and our team mate who spawned there ? . and we head south to attack a known and took to the long wayyyyy around to it and witnessed the other squad destroying it, so we stopped and waited a while, then whilst i was peering down my bino's i noticed movement sw of us and it turned out to be a cache - dealed with yet again by us and the apc guys, so we preceeded to head back east planning to go north when suddenly a cache appeared right above us, so we thought screw it! lets atk! so we did, we rushed the area and took out this cache with no losses for the 2nd time in a row, then headed back to base and waited 5 mins for me to reconnect due to connection issues, then i joined back in and some other caches wen't down, so we only had 3 more to go, already acheiving 3 we needed to get in the lead again, so we headed to a SQ 5 (leaded by mr Chris_Kampfgurke) and he was telling us to wait...
wait? we dont wait we attack! so we rushed in cleaning some enemies out rushing towards the cache leaving chris to pick of the remaining guys, roping over a wall we c4 this cache and get the hell out of there once again returning to base to rearm with only 1 death.

At this point though heading back to base in a 6 seater left by somebody else (proberly chris) we lost contact with our comrades in the APC and never saw them again :(

Then it was the last cache, another squad just hit a cache so this was the last one, we had contact reports in the small compound to the north west and we grabbed a logi and a 5 seater hmv, we rushed towards it and set up a fob, however - by the time the fob was up every other person on our team caught upto us and started moving towards the cache on foot, so - being the proud squad leader i am, i stole a 6 seater hummer, drove right past all the other guys walking to the cache and shouted in mumble - "Nah ah ahhh! we're getting this cache mateys!" we jumped out and assaulted a building we thought the cache was in.

It wasn't and we lost 3 guys who we had to spend time reviving, we got them up but chris and the other squads were catching up, so i legged it with my engi man and the rest not far behind and ran into the next building, i threw my 2 phos down because i was a bit far ahead of my engi guy, and he threw his c4 down and shouted GET OUT GET OUT! the building blew up with this cache inside and booo yaaa, end of round with us sucessfully taking out 5 caches,.
Gotta say i love it when you throw a bunch of rules out of the window for once, and it goes soooooooo well, and not just that, but to go really well for us through the entire game? madness....

brings a tear to my eye with enjoyment.

But yeah good games :D


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Re: Good fun today 17/08/2011

Post by Chris_Kampfgurke on Wed 17 Aug - 11:41:38

LOL bullet, i didn't adapt to ya movement. you where way to fast. but on this run my snipers(viglen and enlighten) saved ya ass not just once Razz
5 caches is awsum, mate. nice one!
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