Please Read Before Posting Your Application 18+ Age Limit

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Please Read Before Posting Your Application 18+ Age Limit

Post by *NwA* Management on Thu 30 Oct - 18:59:48

Applicant Requirements

He/She should:
- be at least 18 years of age when apply for *NwA* membership
- have no prior history of cheats or hacks. Checks will be made via PBBans and GGC, pending approval.
- be present on Teamspeak whilst on our server(s) - Our TS connection details will be automatically sent to you when applying
- wear their Clan Tags *NwA* - *nwa* (lower case) for trialists.
- commit time in helping to get the *NwA* servers started
- have read and understood the *NwA* Code of Conduct

Application Process
1) Your application will be reviewed against the above criteria.
2) An administrator will confirm the start of your trial. During this initial period, ALL *NwA* Clan Members will be your mentor while you are on trial, it is their role to assist you whilst with any issues that may arrise.
3) Once you have met the terms of your trial, will initiate a clan vote for your acceptance to the clan.
4) Clan management will contact you approximately one week after the vote has been started with the result of your vote.

5) By applying to join the *NwA* Clan you will be bound by the if accepted in to our community you will be obliged to follow our code of conduct. Any member in breach of this will be in risk of being stripped of there tags and risk being banned from our servers

Help & Advice
If unsure contact us!

- If you require any further assistance, please post on the forum. Alternatively, please use the Contact Us link included in this post.
- Ask on Teamspeak - Member's will be more than happy to assist you where possible
- When on the server, please squad up with clan members so we can get to know you

Good luck in your application!

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Please copy & paste All the information below into the New Applicants Forum ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

In-Game Name:
Primary Games Played:

Real Name: (First will suffice):
Reason for applying:
When You Can Play:

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The Boss

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Re: Please Read Before Posting Your Application 18+ Age Limit

Post by Daze on Sat 24 Nov - 12:12:04


This is a quick update, all members wishing to join *NwA* must contribute the joining fee in the required time. Failure to complete this will result in the reserved slot being revoked and clan tags will not be allowed to be used. This all goes to the upkeep of the servers and is somthing that all admins have agreed must be paid


Regards Daze

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*NwA* Administrator

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