How to, Squad lead

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Re: How to, Squad lead

Post by SmoothIsFast6 on Wed 10 Aug - 18:55:06

personally i don't use mumble sql channel all the time when i sql, it's a matter of radio discipline and I've never seen it (heard it) always someone being a radio noob, like he's lonely and needs to chat about life lol folks use the phone for that Razz

in all honestly i might just look into a hot key on my keyboard to wait that wouldn't work... eh, mute sq channel button* is what i was thinking, oh how amazing would that be. No noob bullshit in your ear while you're being swarmed by the enemy... maybe someone who knows the programers can get this simple idea to them, ah well.

and to all you backseat sql'ds gtfo my sqd jk <3



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Re: How to, Squad lead

Post by Chris_Kampfgurke on Wed 10 Aug - 19:56:34

BXV-[Tr] wrote:
Chris_Kampfgurke wrote:

-keep ya squad together: "divide et impera" mostly goes wrong. for that you need a good leader who is a good follower @ same time (like bem). but theese guys are more rare than a good SL

I don't agree with this . I find moving spaced out is an important stage to win a firefight . I do find flanking pretty successfull as well .

I might sounded wrong...
Spacing and flanking is something different than dividing, mate. Havin an AR up a building to cover, to assign fireteams in a squad, etc. could be very helpfull. But having a squad that is separated all over the map is pretty useless.
Planned dividing is not easy.
For instance:
Me and another one going down "dead" and have to respawn far away, i tell my squad to fall back. If i have a good leader in (Bem, Scotty, Speed, King) i let them take over finish the task, fortify positions or go alternate route.
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