My little database about what i know and want to share!

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My little database about what i know and want to share!

Post by Ziriix on Thu 3 Mar - 14:45:04

Just because i'm sitting home almost everyday waiting for the date when i go into the military i might as-well try and put down in words what i have learned under my years in PR. So now lets convert this thread into my own little place were i will be putting up allot of things about PR that you guys can use.

---- Taking out a weapon cache with 2 guys ---
Just because you follow this guide it doesn't mean you will have the same result's as i have. The point of this is just to give a general idea about how you can take out a weapon cache using unconventional tactics. This will probably not work if your a new player or if you doesn't know the guy you are playing with. I suggest this for friends that play together and trust each-others ability in combat to 100%. This is not a guide for a convention squad "6 players" but for a small squad of 2 max 3 guys.

If you are a player only looking for action this is not for you. If you follow this guide you might spend 30 min preparing / moving before you strike. The strike itself will be over in about 2 min. The weapons used is a medic and rifleman or officer. Scoped or non scoped doesn't really matter if you know how to use scope in CQB.

** Stage 1: Overview **
To start with we have to get a picture of the battlefield, Known enemy locations, Ambushes, Hideouts pretty much all info you can find on the map or find out by asking squads. Were is our main force attacking from? Do they have apc / tank support?

** Stage 2: Planning **
What we have to do here is put together all the information we got from the overview stage AND also were YOU think there might be enemy's and so on even if it isn't shown on the map. Think logical were dose the Tali ban normally have there ambushes and hideouts? A new player in this game do-sent know that. You now have to plan the route around all of this to your target location. We always hit the enemy from behind NEVER from were the main force is attacking.

** Stage 3: Moving **
In this stage i strongly suggest you leave everything that has to do with vehicles that means your walking. Using a car or a apc just drags attention to your area and that is exactly what you are trying to avoid. Also they tend to hit mines -.-. While you are moving along your route do so very fast and silent, No shooting or stopping unless needed. Use trees, banks and buildings as cover. Not shooting is the most important thing. It is also important to be able to improvise if things do sent go like you planed. you always want to make sure that you can hear the enemy before he can see you. "The ability to hear the enemy > The ability to see the enemy" If you hear a car say "Drop" and without question you both drop to the ground, this applies to gunshots and if you see enemy as well. If you think its to hit were your moving just change your route like i said before "Improvise". If you used some sort of transport be sure to park it like 1km away from the target and when you have stopped move far away from it asap because the sound of it dragged allot of attention and some tali ban will investigate. If you get into contact on the way you have to fall back and move around. You will probably not survive a fight with 6 tali bans if they find you and even if you do everyone on the map know were you are.

** Stage 4: Assault Overview **
Is there a a building some distance from the cache were you can see the area with out being detected? Good get to it or do the best you can from were you are. What we are doing now is counting the amount of enemy's in the area as well as there weapon's, ammo supplies, hideouts, Spg's, entry points, exit points, and exact cache location, enemy reinforcement direction. Well everything that you need to know in a combat situation.

** Stage 5: Assault Planning **
Here we take into account everything from stage 4 and make up your strike plan on how to move. Entry points exit points and in what order to do things. However this will probably change big-time when you get into the assault part then then you will have to improvise.

** Stage 6: The Assault **
This stage begins very silent and always very fast or slow. Example crawl from your planning location threw a field as close to the cache as you can or sprint over the street right up to the cache. Remember still no shooting when you see that tali ban with his back towards you 10 meters to your left. What we are aiming for here is getting so close to the cache that you can stand on with without being seen but allot of times that is extremely hard and things will fail. If you have made it into the cache and no one have seen you all you have to do is tell your partner to drop his 2 IE grenades on it while you cover the door / area and switch when he is done. 4x IE will take it our if you don't fail noob , Walk right up to it and right click. If you failed with one well improvise more "tali ban kit with ammo next to cache? RPG? :D RKG Grenade?

Like i said this is what we are aiming for to do but often doesn't happen. Allot of times you will see that were is no way in hell you are getting close to that cache without being seen "2x tali bans on the roof watching door?" No don't give up that easy! Try move into a position were you have a clear shot on the enemy "1 shot one kill" and your friend have clear shot on another key enemy. Make a countdown and shoot them simultaneously and then begin your assault to the cache. Distance should not be more then 50 meters. This movement will often be without cover and thereby you cant stop and stand still to shoot all tali bans you see. Just run like mad and ONLY shot if there is and enemy so close that you can kill him with 2 bursts without aiming or as suppressing fire while moving if targets is to far away to kill. Shoot your way into the cache building using a grenade to clear before running in if you can but sometimes its just to much bullets to stand around and at that point well SPRINT into the building anyway. This is were that trust to your friend comes in play. You have to be sure that he is covering your as while reloading and so on. Combat things like that should be said out loud so he can hear that your reloading or something.

** Stage 6: Escape **
At this point if everything went to planned and you took our the cache 20 tali bans will be standing like :wtf: and start running like to mad to see what the hell happened. If possible you should already be gone when they get there but if your taking fire use smoke grenades and everything you can you cover you while sprinting away from there. The other thing you can do is sit tight in the building just waiting for the enemy to come to you in the hope that you can hold out until the main force comes to rescue you. you might be stuck in the compound before you have no rope to get out, IMPROVISE there might be a tali ban kit by the cache with a rope? Survived back to main base? congratulations now you can :lool: at how the tali ban team got owned by 2 guys.

This tactic will probably work with a 6 man squad as well but it will be allot harder because that is more ppl that can f**k up and also its more ppl for the tali bans to spot running around the map. I strongly suggest this strategy is used by small squads.

This is how i play and i find it very very effective. I have been doing rounds when the squad stats are 30 kills 4 deaths and 4 caches taken out with no help from other squads. At the same time i find it extremely funny to spend that much time preparing for an assault and executing it perfectly leaving tali bans wondering what happened and how.

I am not saying that everyone should play like this!!!! You are still largely dependent on the main force in many way and some cache location's is almost impossible to take with just 2 guys no matter how good you are. Having one squad like this on the team is very effective.
--- Some stuff squad leaders have to think about ---

Squad Leaders you are the once that makes the game what it is. Without dedicated squad leaders everyone would run around like headless chicken. Here i will not talk about how you control or use your squad because everybody has there own style. However i will go threw some stuff that you as a squad leader should think about! I bet allot of you have seen these thing happen but never thought about it.

Allot of server use mumble and TS and all of those external programs to communicate between squads and working together. All to often this leads to that all squads stay close to each other and support each other and sure it works sometimes when the enemy team is not well organized. But when the enemy team is extremely organized what happens? deadlock at the front-line and nobody is getting anywhere. Everybody spawn at there FOB in the area and try it again with APC support but it fails again and the APC is down. At this point you have to think! Were have we seen this before? OOoo yea thats right World War One and was that efficient? NO!

Instead of waisting tickets assets and moral trying to push your way threw the enemy-lines using force you have to come up with another way. To defeat the enemy at this point you have to take out there FOB making it impossible for them to re spawn. Take the initiative and move out with your squad to find that god forsaken FOB and take it out. When you have done so you will almost surly win the fight in a matter of minutes.

If an assault from the North doesn't work well why not try South instead of dying 3 times at the North. There is so many examples i can come up with here it would take 1 hour to type in when squad leaders fail in there planing. You have to think just one step more before you do something. Its better to strike the enemy from 3 directions at once instead of all from one.

The best way to defeat the enemy in this game is not frontal assault there positions just because you wanna be in a firefight. Instead work around the enemy and try to take out supplies and FOB's armor before you assault there position in the hope of decreasing casualties.

Smoke is-sent always the right thing to throw if your attacked by an enemy unless you know how to use it. You pop the smoke so the enemy cant see you, Sure they cant but this can backfire big time! If you pop smoke and the enemy is smart they think oooo YES AWESOME! and they sprint up close to you and just throw in a few grenades without you even knowing they are there. It also gives them the element off surprise because they can flak regroup and whatever they want during the time you cant see them and by the time the smoke is gone you have the whole enemy squad up with ass. It also gives your "Exact" position away to whatever enemy squad is in the near area and they will be coming to check it out as-well. If you pop smoke you should fall back very fast as far as you can and then try and assault from another direction.

If your squad was the one being shot at first the chance is ALLOT bigger that you will die rather then you killing the enemy. Instead use smoke and fall back asap and the trying to work out how to attack the enemy instead of going to a almost sure death in that smoke!

What i want to accomplish with this is that squad leaders have to start thinking on there own instead of following the main flow right into the enemy's position! You have to think about how can my squad help the team in the most efficient way. Think about the others squads positions and from there come up with a plan that would be a pain in the ass for the enemy not just going as one right into that PKM instantly killing 5 ppl. Don't be afraid to also fall back! There is no point waisting you squad if there is a chance of failing back and regrouping.
What is the source or the problem! Not the problem itself!
The best way is the silent way
Any comments or suggestions are welcome Razz
// Ziriix

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Re: My little database about what i know and want to share!

Post by hitmanrules on Thu 3 Mar - 19:20:03

This is the best video example ive found of this type of gameplay, good guide mate

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Re: My little database about what i know and want to share!

Post by Ziriix on Thu 3 Mar - 20:18:24

Yes that is almost exactly how its looking in gameplay. But they are cheating with C4 haha ;P
This kind of thing is what you will always be aiming to do but easier said then done :D


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Re: My little database about what i know and want to share!

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